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Join Sara Shalva, Rabbi Sarah Tasman, and Rabbi Benjamin Shalva for an afternoon of mindfulness, spirituality, and embodied Jewish practice.

Together, we will begin with a writing and reflection exercise to create a cheshbon nefesh, a soul accounting, before moving into breakout sessions. You will have an opportunity to participate in two of the sessions.

Opening Session 
Writing as Return: A Soulful Journaling Practice to Prepare for the Holidays
Following brief introductions, our workshop facilitators will lead participants through a reflective writing exercise to set the stage for building mind body connections and learning through doing.  This experiential writing workshop will have moments of individual writing, moments in partners, and group work. 

Followed by break out sessions
Waters of Transition: Integrating Jewish Water Rituals into High Holiday Celebrations - Rabbi Sarah Tasman
Water has a special significance in all cultures. Learn about abundance of water rituals in Jewish tradition, especially the ones connected with the high holidays and this season of transition. Participants will learn about ways to use water rituals including mikvah (immersion in water), handwashing, and tashlich (symbolic casting of sins into water) for preparing for high holidays. The session will include a special handwashing ritual we'll do together. 

Tuning in to Return Again: A Yoga Class in Preparation for the High Holidays – Sara Shalva
The body is constantly yearning for renewal.  This time of year it is especially appropriate to look to Jewish tradition to enter the body through breath to return attention to who we truly hope to be.   This hatha yoga class with include a series of standing postures, some traditional text study focused on renewal, and a series of floor postures. Beginning yoga students welcome.

Inner Light: Jewish Meditation for Rebirth and Renewal – Rabbi Benjamin Shalva
Jewish mysticism offers a number of transformative meditation techniques aimed to calm the mind, revitalize the soul, connect to the Source, and discover the deepest self. Together, we will sample a variety of Jewish meditation practices and discover solace, sanctuary, and renewal in our own bodies, hearts and minds. No background or prior experience necessary, beginners welcome!

2:00pm-3:00pm: Opening Session
3:05pm-3:50pm: Breakout Session 1
3:50pm-4:00pm: Break, incuding light snacks
4:05pm-4:50pm: Breakout Session 2

General Admission: $18
Cost should not be barrier for participation in this program. Please be in touch if the cost of this program would prevent your attendance. 

“Looking deeply leads to awareness. Awareness leads to action.” —Talmud, Menachot 43b